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    Keith Diffenderfer - Ink Master (season 4)

  • Welcome to Honor & Iron

    Honor & Iron · established 2013
    Rehoboth Beach Delaware
    custom electric tattooing · piercing · art gallery

    Honor & Iron is brought to you by local artist Sean (danger) Rhodes.

    With Seans extensive experience tattooing professionally for many years & the skilled guest artists from around the world that join him at the shop from time to time -
    Honor & Iron is the place for quality tattoos in Delaware.
    Stop on in to discuss your next tattoo or call to set up an appointment 302.226.8118.

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  • caring for your tattoo

    1. With clean hands, wash your new tattoo with anti-bacterial soap & warm water. Warm water will open your pores and allow you to clean your tattoo properly. Rinse away all soap residue with cold water to close your pores. Lightly pat dry by using a clean, dry paper towel.

    2. Let your tattoo dry completely. Then apply with a clean hand, a very thin amount of unscented lotion or A&D ointment, whichever is recommended by your artist. Too much lotion/ointment will clog your pores and smother your skin. If your tattoo looks wet or sticks to clothing, you've put too much on. Gently pat away excess lotion/ointment with a clean paper towel. Remember air is the best thing for your tattoo, so apply thin coats!

    3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 three to five times per day as needed. Do not put new lotion/ointment on top of old lotion/ointment.

    4. Soon your tattoo will begin peeling or flaking. DO NOT PICK. This is natural. Put unscented lotion on liberally at this point. Apply unscented lotion on your tattoo for at least two weeks. Since the skin is new, extra moisture is necessary for exfoliation.

    No itching or picking.

    No swimming pools, ocean water, or tanning for at least two weeks.

    If you tan or are in the sun a lot, try to use sunblock SPF 50 or higher on your healed tattoo. Be mindful, prolonged UV exposure will fade any tattoo.

    Any questions please contact us

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